Here’s What Can You Do With An Electronic Craft Cutter

Congratulations! You’ve taken your hobby crafting game to the next level and purchased an electronic craft cutter, or the Silhouette CAMEO™.

But what exactly can you do with this machine? Well, loads!

You can actually start thinking about quitting your day job! Here are our top to do’s with an electronic craft cutter:

Amazing Gift Cards!

This season create your own Christmas cards! With some help from your newly acquired electronic craft cutter, you can create amazing 3D cut-out cards. The end result is guaranteed to look like something you bought from a CNA or Cardies!

But why stop there! You could also cut out layers of paper and create layered art pieces! Just buy a picture frame, slot it into the frame, and give it as a gift.

To be honest, we could talk all day about the paper project you could do! The possibilities are endless!


Cut-outs of Santa Claus hats made using an electric craft cutter


Create Spray painting Stencils!

If you’ve ever cut out a stencil by hand you know that it can take hours. Also, cutting those finer details into cardboard is a frustrating process that is often ruined by human error!

With an electronic craft cutter, your stencil can be completed flawlessly in minutes!


A spray painting of Nelson Mandela made using a stencil


Vinyl Cutting!

We know a thing or two about types of vinyl. You can read about it in our previous post here, here, and here. With an electronic craft cutter, you can now cut great silhouettes that you can heat transfer onto t-shirts or any other surfaces!

Once again, the opportunities are endless!


A silhouette of Johannesburg



Yes! It Cuts Fabrics

For new aspiring fashion designers cutting out patterns from an expensive piece of fabric can be a stressful experience. After all, a slip from a pair of scissors and the roll could be ruined. With an electronic craft cutter, you can feed the material into the machine and wait for the perfect result!

It’s also perfect for cutting up shapes for quilting.Whatever icon, shape, design, you want to add to your tapestry, just print it out and sew it into the artwork.


An assortment of fabrics at Bondi Beach, Australia



Heat Transfers

Creating an unforgettable t-shirt with heat transfer sheets requires a steady hand and a sharp blade.

If you don’t possess either of these qualities, you can expect rough edges around your t-shirt’s artwork.

But now, you can feed your designs into the electronic craft cutter and have it do the grunt work.


A toddler wearing a printed T-shirt

Stamp it!

Getting a custom stamp made takes time and can be very expensive! But with an electronic craft cutter, you can print one out in minutes!

Being able to stamp a custom design onto a paper gift bag, or anything for that matter, gives it an exclusive, unique feel. Also, it’s an excellent gift for friends and their children.


A couple of stamped packages

Leather Goods!

Anyone who’s been to a craft market recently knows that handmade leather goods are expensive. While this is tied to the cost of the leather, it’s also linked to the level of artistry required to cut it out.

But now you can cut leather with an electronic craft cutter. Now you can create sleek credit card holders, a sunglasses pouch, or maybe a keychain! So, cut out the middleman and print it yourself!


A leather Wallet by La Compagnie Robinson

At Sytech, we’re big fans of using electronic craft cutters. To be honest, we can’t even imagine a day going by without using one in our shop.

Our top tip for anyone eyeing out a new career path in the sign-maker’s industry in 2019 is to purchase an electronic craft cutter!

You can order yours
right nowfrom us here.   

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