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Sytech product warranty

All Sytech goods carry a warranty that is backed by the manufacturer of these goods. These warranties will vary from product to product, and from one supplier to another, but the warranty can’t afford you fewer rights than the Consumer Protection Act offers. You as a consumer or customer have the right to safe and good quality products as stipulated in terms of Section 55 of the Consumer Protection Act. If the goods are not of good quality, defective, not suitable for the purpose for which they are intended, or otherwise fail to comply with the requirements listed in Section 55 of the Act, a consumer will be afforded a period of six months to return a product after purchasing same from our offices according to Section 56 of the Act. Consumers must return goods or products within ten days if such goods or products are not reasonably suitable for the specific purpose that the consumer had informed the supplier of or otherwise not what the consumer ordered in terms of Section 20 of the Act.

When you make a warranty claim, Sytech will apply the warranty claim process of the manufacturer that supplied those goods. Depending on the problem, Sytech will collect the goods at their own expense to process the warranty claim. As this is not the norm, it is best to assume you will need to return the item under warranty at your own expense.
Warranty returns require a minimum of 14 working days to be assessed or resolved. This number is dependent on the severity of the problem or product.

The warranty claim process usually requires that you provide Sytech with information about your setup that they may need. These may include things like what material was applied and how? What printing profiles and substrate was used? It is a good idea to photograph your setup when it is complete. In doing this you have a record of the working solution that can be presented to Sytech when required.

It is crucial that you follow the application guidelines and specifications available for each of Sytech’s products that you have used. There will be no guarantee for the following;
1) Incorrect removal of the graphic,
2) Removal from oxidized or chalked substrates,
3) Removal from improperly cured paint,
4) Incorrect exposure to outdoor applications,
5) Incorrect printer settings used on the substrate,
6) Incorrect curing/degassing times,
7) Harsh chemicals used on the substrate or,
8) Incorrect surface of the substrate was applied.

It is advisable to test the product in a small area before completing the application. If the item is displayed to have been damaged through misuse or incorrect installation, the claim will not be approved, and there will be no refunds. If the claim is approved, Sytech will replace the defective product of equal price and value to your satisfaction at our own expense. If the claim is not approved, you will need to purchase the item again at your own expense.

Sytech product claim form

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