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Free Easter Treats

Download our latest eBook containing your free Easter treats. Inside you’ll find: Heat transfer vinyl inspiration Sticker vinyl inspiration Stencil inspirations Two DIY project guides Printable cut outs for Easter DIYs Machine and equipment advice Like our Facebook page below to gain access to the eBook:

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The key to persuasive signage

By Sytech Supplies | 12 Apr 2019

Signs often tell an interesting story, but they’re not just for fun and games. Businesses advertise their products in the hopes that people will see the goods or services being displayed, and have an interest in purchasing them. When your customers approach you to create signs for them, they’re hoping for not only durable material,…

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An assortment of T-shirts on a An assortment of T-shirts hanging on a lineline

What’s the difference between heat transfer vinyl and adhesive vinyl?

By Sytech Supplies | 19 Mar 2019

If you’ve ever seen a piece of vinyl and you’re not sure what kind of vinyl it is, then this little explanation will help you figure it out! Adhesive vinyl comes in all kinds of colours and finishes, but it always has a paper backing and is sticky to the touch when that backing is…

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An assortment of folded T-shirts in a drawer

What makes heat transfer so popular?

By Sytech Supplies | 08 Mar 2019

Fashion and branding forms part of our everyday lives. It’s in the clothes we wear and in other novelty items that we use. A company may be looking to print its logo onto staff uniforms, or a customer may be looking to get his loved one a personalised gift – either way, there are many…

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Introduction to Car Wrapping Part 2 eBook cover

Free eBook: Intro to Car Wrapping, Part 2: Your guide to wrapping vehicles

By Sytech Supplies | 04 Mar 2019

Download our latest eBook containing your guide to wrapping vehicles. Inside you’ll find: The workflow of car wrapping Pricing a wrap job Pre-installation preparation Vinyl wrapping techniques Looking after vinyl wraps Do’s & Don’ts for taking care of your vinyl wrap Like our Facebook page below to gain access to the eBook:

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Brainstorm Escape Rooms

Case Study: Brainstorm Escape Rooms

By Sytech Supplies | 27 Feb 2019

Download the PDF below for an inside look into a mall pop-up shop installation. Inside you’ll find: How to overcome the challenges of working with dry walls Why LG Ultratack was chosen to complete this job Project insights Like our Facebook page below to gain access to the Case Study:  

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LG Hausys cast vinyl

How to preserve vinyl without using an overlaminate

By Sytech Supplies | 21 Feb 2019

Overlaminating a wrap or a graphic is an excellent way to preserve the media. After all, it protects the print from scratches and prevents any fading of the print from the sun’s rays. Both film and liquid laminates serve the same function, however, the applications differ. When applying laminate, ensure that for each type of…

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Vinally DIY

Vinylly DIY

By Sytech Supplies | 13 Feb 2019

Download the PDF below for DIY vinyl inspiration. Inside you’ll find: Ideas for fun and crafty projects Inspiration for heat transfer vinyl creations A guide to make your own candle holder Like our Facebook page below to gain access to the eBook:

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Changes to our Technical department

By Sytech Supplies | 07 Feb 2019

There are changes taking place in our Technical department. Please download the PDF below to read a letter from Malcolm Groger and Richard Haarhoff about the changes that will be implemented from the 1st of March 2019. Download announcement Announcement regarding Sytech Technical

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An 'Apple' advertisement on a billboard

Why billboards are worth the money!

By Sytech Supplies | 07 Feb 2019

While driving on the road, we’ve all seen an expertly designed billboard which tickles our aesthetic fancy. National highways across South Africa are decorated with impressive billboards of varying sizes and designs to grab the attention of commuters. As a result, these billboards offer a high reach along major routes with high monthly traffic volumes.…

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