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Vinyl unique properties

By Sytech Supplies | 26 Sep 19

One can say, the invention of vinyl is nothing but game-changing because of what it can do and its amazing quality to stay in original quality for years. Vinyl is manufactured when a colourless chemical intermediate, a monomer, is converted to the polymer polyvinyl chloride (the plastic product we call PVC or vinyl). This makes…

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Thank you

By Sytech Supplies | Jul 25, 2019

The promotional open day recently held at Sytech Supplies Durban branch had customers buzzing about the promotional products and product bundles that were at discounted rates. As the leading company in distribution and selling of signage and graphics supplies, we recently showcased that anyone can run their own business at the comfort of their own…

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Happy youth day

Youth Day Inspiration

By Sytech Supplies | Jun 14, 2019
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Dads who’ve shaped the industry

By Sytech Supplies | Jun 14, 2019

The signage industry has been built on the successes, rework and necessary failures of many noteworthy dads in the industry who are posthumously revered today. One of these men is the inventor of vinyl chloride. Vinyl chloride was initially discovered in 1837 by the French physicist and chemist, Henri Victor Regnault. Even though this initial…

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How to remodel a kitchen at an affordable price!

By Sytech Supplies | May 24, 2019

Upgrading one’s kitchen does not need to cost loads of money. If your customers are on the fence about how to best upgrade their beloved space, especially at an affordable price, well here’s an interesting article to help them out! So, how can they have their kitchens remodeled? Well, vinyl of course! As you know,…

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Free eBook: Intro to Car Wrapping, Part 3: Marketing the benefits of vehicle wrapping to your customers

By Sytech Supplies | May 13, 2019

 Download our latest eBook containing your guide to wrapping vehicles. Inside you’ll find: How to sell the benefits of vehicle advertising to your customers How to market yourself as a wrap company to customers Like our Facebook page below to gain access to the eBook: [sociallocker]Click this link to download or view the PDF[/sociallocker] Read More

A row of branded trolleys lined up at a trolley bay

Interesting types of signage that are ridiculously underrated

By Sytech Supplies | May 11, 2019

There are types of signage and graphics solutions that most people speak of in daily life. These types of signage include spectacular billboards and rare shades of a vehicle wrap. It leaves the everyday South African in awe of what sign makers can really do. However, there are other types of signage that are often…

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Mother's Day DIY

Mother’s Day DIY Inspiration

By Sytech Supplies | May 7, 2019

Download our latest eBook containing your free Mother’s Day DIY inspiration. Inside you’ll find: A DIY guide for your own vinyl stencil wood sign Heat transfer vinyl inspiration for: Caps, Shirts, Ceramics, Plant tins, Mugs, Wall decals, Frames Like our Facebook page below to gain access to the eBook: [sociallocker]Click this link to download or…

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Australian panoramic photo

How do climatic regions (zones) affect vinyl durability?

By Sytech Supplies | Apr 26, 2019

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Free Easter Treats

Free Easter Treats

By Sytech Supplies | Apr 16, 2019

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