Sytech 1

Municipal uniforms by Rainbow Print done on our heat presses.

Sytech 9

Truck wrapped in our KPMF purple-black iridescent vinyl by Design R Image.

Sytech 2

Car wrapped using our KPMF by Ignition in Jo'burg.

Sytech 3

BMW was wrapped by Coated Wraps SA (Coated) using KPMF Matte Magnetic Black with matte iced titanium purple detailing on the badges and wheels. They also added a beautiful 3D flame detail on the petrol cap.

Sytech 4

Truck signage using our Metamark MD5. This project was done by 031SIGNS.

Sytech 5

Half-wrapped by Motech Styling using our KPMF matte black.

Sytech 10

ANC van wrap by Signtech using our Yellow Metamark 7 year Metascape vinyl and Green Metamark Standard 7 year vinyl.

Sytech 6

Wall deco cutouts created by GemTan using our Metamark sticker vinyl.

Sytech 7

BMW wrapped in our KPMF Matte Black by KNS Customs.

Sytech 8

KPMF K89077 Matte Green was wrapped by Sign Solutions.

Sytech 12

Wrapped by KNS Customs using our KPMF Morpheus Black Starlight on a Mercedes A45.

Sytech 13

Pink to Black fade Mustang wrapped in our famous Metamark MDX by Custom Wraps

Sytech 14

T-shirt designs created by Carpenter Clothing & Designs, using our Flexx gold & silver elastic foil HTV.

Sytech 17

VW Amarok wrapped by Expanda Sign, with our KPMF K88016 Gloss Dark grey.

Sytech 16

Created by Design R Image, they wrapped their truck with Metamark's MD-X. The wrap comes supplied with MetaScape air release system which allows for easy application.

Sytech 19

Spar signage was done by DCP Signs using our media: Alubond, UV protector, and gloss red and semi-white matte media.

Sytech 18

KNS Customs wrapped a VW GTI using KPMF's Morpheus black starlight with red chrome accents.

Sytech 20

Done by The Printroom for Colombo Coffee KZN using our ProMedia Gorilla Tack printable wallpaper vinyl. This is one of our strongest self-adhesive vinyl yet!

Sytech 15

Lamborghini wrapped by Chronical Graphicz using our, KPMF K75 000 series [VWS 4] Gloss Vehicle Wrap, in the color Solar Flash.

Sytech 21

Ford Ranger wrapped by Stingray Graphix & Signs using our KPMF vinyl.