Exploring our NEW 2D SuperGlide wrap from Image Perfect

We are extremely thrilled to announce that we have become the proud supplier of Image Perfect products. With a rich history dating back to 1987 and proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom, Image Perfect has established itself as the unrivaled leader in calendered films. Their exceptional products have garnered a loyal customer base of over 25,000 across an impressive 65 countries worldwide.

What is 2D Wrap SuperGlide?

ImagePerfect™ 2578PA 2D Wrap incorporates a special 50micron white gloss supersoft print film for use in fleet and vehicle applications with 2D, single-step recesses.


The SuperGlide story

The Image Perfect SuperGlide technology incorporates a permanent adhesive system that has been SPECIALLY ENGINEERED in the Lancaster plant. It has an exceptionally LOW LEVEL OF INITIAL TACK (with a high level of final adhesion) and a corresponding HIGH LEVEL OF GLIDEABILITY on a wide variety of substrates. 

This allows for VERY EASY POSITIONING of the graphics on the substrate by a single person, thereby REDUCING APPLICATION TIME – even in the case of large-scale installations that would otherwise typically require 2 people. This is facilitated by the fact that releasing the film from the liner does not create static properties in the film.  It also creates IMPROVED REPOSITIONABILITY, making it even easier to work with than the standard version of IP 2578PA. 

Have we tried it? YES, WE DID! 

We asked one of our branch managers to test it out, and he was truly impressed by the results. Here is his feedback:

“Over the years, I’ve been loyal to Metamark MDX, but recently, I decided to give the Image Perfect 2D Superglide wrap material a try. Although the 2D material feels thicker than MDX, it has the same thickness as the laminate. Thanks to its low initial tack and PerfectApply technology, positioning and applying it bubble-free-even with just one applicator—have become a breeze, ultimately reducing production costs. 

Initially, I was skeptical because the 2D wrap material is designed for single-step recesses according to the manufacturer. However, I put it to the test on a panel, and it exceeded expectations by handling more than one recess while maintaining its strength. I did pay extra attention to post-heating that specific section to ensure a secure hold.” 

“Having spent most of the last eight years in an office, it’s been quite a while since I’ve done any wrapping. But diving back in with the Image Perfect 2D Superglide has made the process enjoyable and straightforward, so much so I think I might take some leave from the spreadsheets and budget forecasts, wear some shorts, and get wrapping again.” ~ Justin Robert (Sytech Jo’burg branch manager)

Still don’t believe us? Check out the features and benefits and try it for yourself.


  • Long-term outdoor supersoft fleet print film 
  • 50micron 
  • Incorporates Perfect-Apply and SuperGlide technology 
  • Printable with Latex, UV, and Eco-solvent printers 


  • Single-step channel guarantee 
  • Fast and Easy application 
  • Cost-effective and bubble-free application 
  • Clean removal after vehicle wrap lifetime 
  • Developed for quick solo or Team installations 

Product information, descriptions, features, and benefits courtesy of Image Perfect.

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