Outdoor vinyls to serve your branding needs

Attractive outdoor signs and branding can help capture the attention of consumers and convince them of a business’s value so it is essential to choose a quality vinyl that won’t quickly fade or peel.

Outdoor vinyl ads can be found almost anywhere and can include company signage, vehicle wraps and many other types of outdoor advertising.

To help you choose the right brand to serve your outdoor advertising needs, we’ve put together this quick guide of a few of our quality vinyls.

Vinyls for outdoor company signage:

  • Our Metamark 4 Series is a superior quality calendered sign-making vinyl. It is suitable for external applications onto flat or curved surfaces.

    Durability: 5 years for black and white, 4 years colours and 3 years for metallics.


  • Our ProMedia Digital Vinyl is considered to be the “bread & butter” vinyl for all sign makers nationwide. This digital printable vinyl is a 80-micron monomeric vinyl and is available in matt or gloss.

    Lifespan is approx. 1 year.


Vinyls for vehicle branding
We offer several types of excellent vehicle films including but not limited to:

  • The KPMF digital products are available with a gloss or matt finish. This range of products provide excellent print quality and are available in different widths.

    Lifespan is 5-7 years depending on range.


  • The LG Hausys LD 823TG Series cast vinyl is suited for vehicle wrapping and comes standard with a white glossy finish. It’s available in airfree, permanent & repositionable variants.

    This product boasts superb durability of up to 8 years.


  • Our ARLON DPF 6100XLP is a shop favorite for its excellent opacity and easy installation thanks to its bubble releasing, clean removing pressure-sensitive adhesive. This cast film has superior conformability around rivets, curves, contours and channels. Your most discerning vehicle and fleet wrap customer will appreciate the smooth, paint-like finish and vivid graphic printability.

    Lifespan is an estimated 7 years.



For all your difficult projects from plastic dirt bikes to textured wall graphics, our ARLON DPF8000 is the vinyl for you. It boasts a durable film with a high tack adhesive system that allows you to use one film for all your difficult projects.

Lifespan is an estimated 7 years. This is the only product worldwide that has a guaranteed 1 year warranty on outdoor durability.

Our LG Hausys LD 3880G (Ultra Thick) 100-micron printable PVC film has an ultra-tack adhesive that has been developed for easy applications on smooth or rough wall surfaces (brick walls and concrete).

Outdoor durability is 1 year when properly processed and applied (unprinted film vertical exposure).


These are just a few of our many quality vinyl products. Simply click here to view our full range: https://www.sytech.co.za/media/vinyl-rigid-substrates/ or contact one of our friendly staff for a free consultation T: 0870 563 231

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