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ProMedia DigiLine

DigiLine 3G/M

3gm 1

The DigiLine 3G/M (monomeric) is specially designed for applications that require high stability. It has excellent indoor and outdoor durability  and suitable for flat surface applications. It performs best in conjunction with a recommended laminate.

DigiLine 3Gw & 5Gw

3gw and 5gw

The DigiLine 3Gw Grey-back (monomeric) and 5Gw (polymeric) are specially designed for applications that require high stability. It has excellent indoor and outdoor durability and is suitable for flat and curved surface applications. They perform best in conjunction with a recommended laminate, and the adhesive's colour completely prevents the passage of light, conferring outstanding opacity to the final product.

One Way Vision

ProMedia One Way Vision

ProMedia’s OneWay Vision digital printing vinyl is extremely popular due to the low cost & high quality of this vinyl. ProMedia’s OneWay Vision vinyl is specifically engineered with a semi- permanent adhesive to make your life easy during application & removal of this product. ProMedia’s OneWay Vision is matt white vinyl with a 80-micron gauge & available on a 1.27m x 50m roll. Minimum 10m order.



Our photoluminescent digital film has the initial lighting source of 1000LX and its activating time is 15 minutes. It has a matte finish and is available in a light green colour. It has a durability of 8 years indoors and 5 years outdoors (unprinted).

Available in 124cm x 45.7m rolls.

Silver Etch Window Film

edited new silver etch

The silver Etched Window Film is revered for not leaving any bubbles or air pockets under the film. The media maintains its dark-coloured nature when the backing is removed which ensures low visibility with high light transfer which is perfect for applications onto glass surfaces such as office or shower doors. This printable vinyl is primarily used for cut-outs and dry applications although wet applications can be successful as well.

Digital Vinyl

ProMedia Digital Paper-Digital Vinyl

Considered to be the “bread & butter” vinyl for all sign makers nationwide, our ProMedia digital printable vinyl is a 80-micron monomeric vinyl available on a 1.27m x 50m roll with matt & gloss options to choose from.

ProMedia Textiles

Banner material - Black/ White back

banner 2

Our banner material is made with vinyl and polyester mesh(scrim). The scrim provides for added strength and durability. Our banner material are very smooth because they consist of a high denier count. It is available in a matte or gloss finish and is printable. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor banners (can be used for company recognition, birthday banners, hanging banners etc.)




Backlit Samba- Backlit textile for light boxes

Sunset backlit

Our backlit Samba textile is 100% polyester wrap knitted fabric with acrylic coating and has an excellent performance with backlit displays. Both sides are printable.

The film can be used with light boxes, gazebos and parasols(sun umbrellas). With a matte finish, 80% opacity and a UV, latex, solvent(test first), eco-solvent(test first) and dye transfer ink compatibility.

Digital Textile

ProMedia Digital Textile

Engineered to allow for 40% of the print to “bleed through”, our ProMedia DigitalTextile is perfect for tear-drop banners, flags, pop-up banners & other similar applications. Our ProMedia DigitalTextile is available on a 1.37m x 50m roll. Minimum 10m order.

ProMedia Rigids



ProBond is one of those products that our clients constantly return for more thanks to the exceptional quality & durability of the product. Sign-makers & building contractors use ProBond for all kinds of wall & facade cladding applications & is perfect to give dull looking buildings & interiors an inexpensive facelift.

A light weight PVC sandwiched between two sheets of aluminium, AluBond is available in a variety of colours to suite just about every requirement your clients may request. AluBond is available in 1.22m x 2.4m & 1.5m x 3m sheets.


ProMedia SignEx-FoamBoards

SignEx is a light weight rigid PVC board & is perfect for various applications like posters, cut- out applications & printed laminates. SignEx is available in 1.22mx2.4m sheets. Gauges are available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 10mm. All available in white (3mm also available in black).


Signart FoamBoard

Our FoamBoard is just as popular as our SignEx board due to its exceptional light weight quality & usefulness. Our Foamboard has a polystyrene centre sandwiched between white cardboard. Available in 1.22m x 2.4m, 3mm or 5mm gauge.

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