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Digital Vinyl

ProMedia Digital Paper-Digital Vinyl

Considered to be the “bread & butter” vinyl for all sign makers nationwide, our ProMedia digital printable vinyl is a 80-micron monomeric vinyl available on a 1.27m x 50m roll with matt & gloss options to choose from.

One Way Vision

ProMedia One Way Vision

ProMedia’s OneWay Vision digital printing vinyl is extremely popular due to the low cost & high quality of this vinyl. ProMedia’s OneWay Vision vinyl is specifically engineered with a semi- permanent adhesive to make your life easy during application & removal of this product. ProMedia’s OneWay Vision is matt white vinyl with a 80-micron gauge & available on a 1.27m x 50m roll. Minimum 10m order.

Digital Textile

ProMedia Digital Textile

Engineered to allow for 40% of the print to “bleed through”, our ProMedia DigitalTextile is perfect for tear-drop banners, flags, pop-up banners & other similar applications. Our ProMedia DigitalTextile is available on a 1.37m x 50m roll. Minimum 10m order.


ProMedia Alubond

AluBond is one of those products that our clients constantly return for more thanks to the exceptional quality & durability of the product. Sign-makers & building contractors use AluBond for all kinds of wall & facade cladding applications & is perfect to give dull looking buildings & interiors an inexpensive facelift.

A light weight PVC sandwiched between two sheets of aluminium, AluBond is available in a variety of colours to suite just about every requirement your clients may request. AluBond is available in 1.22m x 2.4m & 1.5m x 3m sheets.


ProMedia SignEx-FoamBoards

SignEx is a light weight rigid PVC board & is perfect for various applications like posters, cut- out applications & printed laminates. SignEx is available in 1.22mx2.4m sheets. Gauges are available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 10mm. All available in white (3mm also available in black).


ProMedia SignEx-FoamBoards

Our FoamBoard is just as popular as our SignEx board due to its exceptional light weight quality & usefulness. Our Foamboard has a polystyrene centre sandwiched between white cardboard. Available in 1.22m x 2.4m, 3mm or 5mm gauge.

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