How to adhere small vinyl prints without creating bubbles

Wage war against bubbles and wrinkles with practical techniques designed to yield picture perfect graphic installations.

Step 1: Make sure the surface you’re adhering the vinyl to is clean and dust free.
Step 2: Remove the design from the backing paper.


Step 3: When you place it on the surface, first adhere the transfer tape and then work your way onto and across the vinyl.


Tip: One important tool to use is a squeegee – they are hard plastic, yet kind of flexible.

Move the squeegee firmly across the transfer film and continue over the entire surface area of the vinyl.


Step 4: Once you’ve used your squeegee over the vinyl, carefully remove the transfer tape.


Voila, no air bubbles!


Looking to adhere large vinyl prints?

Our highly innovative Ezee Applicator enables all your large projects to be completed by one person, without squeegees and in record time! You’ll no longer need extra hands to assist aligning the media. Plus, this innovative finishing tool helps to reduce the risk damaging the project while applying, leading to costly re-prints or re-cutting.



Although we pride ourselves with just how Ezee the Ezee Applicator is to operate, we’ll provide on-site operating & maintenance training after delivery of your new Ezee Applicator.

If you have any vinyl questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our skilled representatives will get back to you.


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