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Ezee Applicator EZ3200

The highly innovative Ezee Applicator is one of those products you simply cannot do without. A sturdy and robust design makes the Ezee Applicator an Ezee choice for limiting time wastage, so that you can avoid the tedious task of spending hours applying media to a variety of substrates. You no longer need extra hands to assist aligning the media. Nor do you need to risk damaging the project while applying, leading to costly re-prints or re-cutting.

Countless hours of frustration & time wasted are a thing of the past with our Ezee Applicator Series. Dry applications are here to stay with no mess & no fuss. There is a size to suit your exact requirements. All the models, excluding the EZA0, are backlit, to make sure you can easily weed fine-detail prints.

All of your application projects may now easily be manned by one person. The adjustable, pneumatically powered gantry controls make all lamination & application projects a breeze.

There are 3 sizes available for you to choose from: EZA0 (1200x860mm), EZ2600 (2600x1400mm) and EZ3200 (3200x1600mm).

Ezee Lam 1600

Ezee Lam 1600

Ezee Lam 1600 is an entry level fully automated roll-to-roll warm assist lamination model with ABS tooling side-cover construction.

It’s software provides securely aligned lamination and a quality finish.

This model is ideal for wide format laminating and mount application usage.

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