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SLX™ Cast Wrap

Arlon SLX Cast Wrap Film

SLX™ Cast Wrap is a premium gloss white repositionable cast film with FLITE Technology™. Designed for the single installer, this film allows for a fast wrap and superior repositionability for full and partial, vehicle and fleet applications. FLITE Technology is a lite contact system allowing graphics to float over a substrate until firm pressure is applied. It guarantees the fastest installation while ensuring long-term bond, conforming effortlessly around rivets, complex curves and deep channels. SLX Cast Wrap offers a vibrant and reliable print quality which is present across Eco-Solvent, Solvent, Latex and UV print systems. Arlon strongly recommends the use of Series 3270 Overlaminate when using SLX Cast Wrap for optimum performance of the film.


Arlon DPF 6000XRP

DPF 6000XRP is a gloss white cast film with bubble releasing, tinted, re-positionable, and pressure-sensitive adhesive. Designed for high quality vehicle wraps and other applications where you need to stretch a film or need a long-term viable film, DPF 6000XRP is made of premium quality cast face stock with a lay-flat liner and is the only film in its class warranted for channel applications. The adhesive system is designed to provide excellent opacity as well as easy installation. The film provides superior conformability around rivets, curves and contours.


Arlon DPF 4600 LX

DPF 4600LX is a premium print media film that allows you to complete a high-quality vehicle graphic at the right cost. DPF 4600LX gives you the choice to install with or without an over-laminate while maintaining the perfect balance of body and conformability. The re-positionable light gray adhesive allows for easy installation while ensuring enough opacity for covering existing graphics. The new LX (low profile) X-Scape Technology provides installers a bubble free installation with a smooth, paint-like finish.


Arlon DPF 8000

DPF 8000 is the ultimate premium film for hard to stick surfaces. A durable film combined with a high tack adhesive system allows you to use one film for all your difficult projects from plastic dirt bikes to textured wall graphics. Apply DPF 8000 with heat on textured wall graphics and it will conform to slight contours and textures easily. Match up DPF 8000 with one of our many laminate options to customize the finish of your hard-to-stick surface projects.

Cast Translucent

Arlon Cast Translucent

Available in Series 5500 diffuser film, designed for second surface application for internally illuminated signage. Series 5570 block-out film, ideal for displays where light transmission is not desired. Series 5590 dual colour film. Allows internally illuminated signs to be seen as one colour during the day and white or second colour at night.

Cast Opaque

Arlon Cast Opaque

Series 2100/2200 opaque cast films are a premium 2-mil (50 micron) cast vinyl with permanent adhesive. Available in 83 vibrant colours. Black and white has a 10-year outdoor durability. Colours have 8 years and metallics have 6 years of outdoor warranty. Available in 15”, 24”, 30”, 48” and 60”.


Arlon DPF 206

DPF 206 is a 6-mil (150 micron) light weight polycoated matte white fabric with a unique woven texture. The clear removable pressure sensitive adhesive is designed to bond well to substrates such as smooth painted non-vinyl walls. DPF 206 has a lay-flat liner that is optimal for printing on a variety of print systems. This is the ideal film for wall decorations that require ease of application as well as removability.

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