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KPMF Vinyl Films

Cast Film

KPMF Promotional Transfers Cast Film

KPMF offer a comprehensive selection of premium cast vinyl products. All are suitable for interior and exterior applications and are extremely conformable making them ideal for use on smooth, textured and contoured surfaces.

Cast products are suitable for general graphics, original equipment, building signage and vehicle graphics. They are widely used for train liveries, boats and as temporary livery on aircraft.

End users include Ford, GM and National Airlines.

Vehicle Wrapping System

KPMF Vehicle Wrapping System

The KPMF Vehicle Wrapping System Films includes VWS I, II, III, IV and V. The full and extensive range of vehicle wrapping films cover every type of vehicle wrapping application.

The VWS series of materials include vinyl films suitable for digital printing, films with innovative and eye-catching special visual effects, products that can be colour matched to individual customer requirements and vinyl films with attention-grabbing textured effects.

Automotive Films

KPMF Automotive Films

KPMF offer a selection of films suitable for automotive applications, including cast products ideal for decorative and advertising applications, a variety of VWS products designed for complete and partial vehicle wraps, high visibility fluorescent materials suitable for emergency vehicles and a selection of functional products designed to encompass a comprehensive range of protective applications.

Functional Films

KPMF Functional Films

Choose from a range of superior quality calendered polymeric vinyl and aliphatic polyurethane functional films that are primarily used for protection purposes.

They have been developed for use in the automotive and other industries for kick tread and stoneguard applications and to enable designers to reduce additional painting processes by the application of film to areas that are vulnerable to stone chipping or scratching.

Digital Films

KPMF Digital Films

The KPMF digital products includes a selection of monomeric, polymeric and cast vinyl films. Digital materials are available with a gloss or matt finish, are supplied with permanent adhesive on a Single Sided PE liner and range from 50 micron to 100 micron thickness.

The digital range of products provide excellent print quality and are available at 1.22m, 1.37, 1.52 and 1.6m widths (some products may be subject to minimum order quantities).

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