Different options suitable for T-shirt printing

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Did you ever think that it’s possible to put foil on a T-shirt?

Well, probably not. However, at present, there is an endless amount of different materials that are suitable for T-shirt printing.

Most of the materials come in different forms, different finishes and different grades. This means that just about any interesting design can be put on a T-shirt using any of the relevant methods.

This article explores a range of materials suitable for printing and transferring designs onto T-shirts, including their variations.

Video Flexx

A vast range of standard colours are available with the Flexx range. Flexx is a PVC-based flexible material that can be used in a plotter or cutter and may be applied onto any shape imaginable. It is great for T-shirts as the range has many options, including flourescent, glitter, reflective and holographic choices. This material can also be put onto bags, overalls, aprons and caps.

The fantastic quality about this range is that there is also a chrome option which is likened to foil! Imagine all the different eye-catching designs you can create with this material?

The digitally printed PVC material is available for both solvent and eco-solvent printers.

LaserTransfer Paper

This heat transfer paper is suitable only for colour copiers and colour laser toner-based printers with silicone oil fusing. There are different paper options for printing and transferring onto light coloured textiles and dark coloured textiles. The transfer paper has a wash fastness of up to 40ºC.

Sublimation Paper

Sublimation paper is an excellent paper solution to allow you to print with your sublimation printer and transfer onto polyester textiles. Traditionally, sublimation has been used to transfer onto coated ceramics and polyester textiles. Presently, with the new subli-light and subli-light glitter, you can transfer designs onto polyester, cotton and mixed-blend light T-shirts. For dark cotton T-shirts, subli-flex 202 is the go-to sublimation paper.

As for which of these options is the best, our sublimation expert has this to say:

“Each one has its pros and cons. I personally like the durability and variety you can get in the Video Flexx range but the downfall is the weeding involved. This is where the laser papers and sublimation papers are beneficial and time saving as there are no weeding systems,” says Jessica Groger.

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