The extraordinary composition of everyday road signs

A road sign depicting the speed limit at which drivers should travel

Imagine a society in which road signs did not exist.

What would that world be like?

Informative and sometimes irking, road signs are a necessity in most developed societies globally.

These signs tell us what speed to travel at, when to stop, and when there is construction up ahead. Without them, road users would be in grave danger on a daily basis.

One of the first basics that all drivers-in-training learn is how to interpret common signs found along the country’s road networks.

These UV protected signs are specially formulated to last long and maintain their aesthetics. After all, it is their graphics that make them useful.

Although most road signs are composed of galvanised coated steel, some road signs are made using a special type of material called aluminium composite materials (ACM).

For example, a type of ACM that we trade, Alubond, is composed of two thin cover sheets of aluminium, superimposed on a core sheet of PVC.  A 7 year, engineering grade reflective vinyl, with a matte black colour vinyl for the central image or graphic, is superimposed on the aluminium. This is how you’re able to see the sign from an approaching distance.

This material has proven its stability and reliability for decades.

These signs need to have a high outdoor durability in order to survive the harsh environmental elements, and the secret is in this special composition.

“It’s an aluminium composite, so its suitable for outdoor use,” says our sales representative, Jessica Groger.

In fact, if you look beyond the roadside, you may even find these signs at the sea. If the signs are strong enough to survive a gusty and salty sea breeze for years on end, then best believe that this composite is a trusty solution for a variety of great, long-term outdoor needs.

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