Functions and perks of exterior wall graphics

LG Hausys LD3880 Ultra-Tack
LG Hausys LD3880 Ultra-Tack suitable for exterior wall graphics and wraps

The purpose of wall graphics is to decorate and brand walls, transforming spaces in ways that reflect the companies that occupy them and activities that go on in them, to help people navigate around them or to create a particular mood.

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Exterior wall graphics are an interesting method to catch the eye of passers-by.

Many businesses understand the importance of utilising this type of signage in order to spread awareness about the company, and leave people with a good impression.

“It’s a means of advertising and exposure,” says our external sales representative, Andrew Cromberge.

A perk of exterior wall graphics as contrasted with interior graphics, is that more people on the street should see them which ultimately ensures a better reach, as they are based outdoors.

“It’s outside so everybody passing by can see it, as opposed to interior graphics which serve to reach people inside a store or business,” says Cromberge.

Another perk of exterior wall graphics is that it can increase foot traffic into your store.

The creative design of the graphic will pique people’s interests, leading them to want to know what’s happening within the four walls of a business.

These versatile graphics can be created with a low tack removable, repositionable adhesive or permanent adhesives. They are specially formulated to work on flat smooth surfaces or rough surfaces like brick, or to conform to curves. This is an added benefit of this type of signage.

To ensure that your graphics last long and are easy to remove, select the right type of vinyl for the job. There’s an array of types available on the market, so check with trusted sales experts when searching for the best suited vinyl. 

Exterior wall graphics can definitely draw people into your store or business. Whether you’re looking to advertise, or grab people’s attention, exterior wall graphics are the way to go!

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