The charm and suitability of floor graphics

A floor graphic mimicking an aquatic ecosystem

Floors don’t have to be plain, especially if a company is looking for a different way to get its name out there.

More mainstream forms of advertising include billboards and vehicle wraps, and albeit effective, one might want to consider a more affordable and unique method such as floor graphics for marketing purposes.

Floor laminate and graphics are primarily used for promotional purposes. Graphics used for marketing can sure make people stop and look twice. Talk about a head turner!

“Floor laminate is short term and usually lasts from six months to a year, depending on how much traffic it gets. The more it’s walked on, the shorter its lifespan,” says our Durban Sales Manager, Trevor Govender.

There are many reasons that floor graphics are charming to advertisers, this article explores a few.

Floor graphics are relatively inexpensive

As aforementioned, billboards and vehicle wraps don’t come cheap. They literally cost thousands upon thousands of rands! A good thing about floor graphics is that the media to produce these designs is affordable and thus you can offer your customers extremely inexpensive rates for these partial wraps.

Quality media can be effortlessly purchased from wholesalers like Sytech at the dial of a number, in a transaction in which everyone wins!

They are an excellent wayfinding tool

We’ve all been lost in a mall or trying to find a store that is difficult to locate. This is where floor graphics come in. Whether you’re being directed to a staircase, or a certain part of the store, floor graphics are there to help you find your way in times of need. The bonus is they’re creative too! Floor graphics should be made with textured vinyl to avoid any accidents along the way as possible customers find their way around a shop.

The visuals can attract attention

Of course, this is the most obvious one by far. From logo and branding to hilarious three-dimensional images, floor graphics can be a great way to rope people into a store. Once in the store, these graphics can help people effortlessly navigate their way around and hopefully, the business can make sales as a result. People are visual creatures, so tickling their aesthetic fancy will definitely be an added benefit.

Floor graphics are a useful tool in the advertising world that your customers can indulge in. If you’re looking to purchase the correct media for the job, then simply have a chat with our trusted sales reps. You won’t be disappointed!

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