A day in the life of a Sytech technician

It is only passion that drives our technicians to go to great lengths to be of service to you.

If you’ve ever wondered how our technicians are always readily willing to help with smiles on their faces, then you’d have to track their days. What is life like for this crew?

It’s early in the morning and one is met with a warm smile by our friendly technician, Naeem Mullah, who has been with us for just over five years.

Soon it’s going to be time to go, but the morning meeting will set the tone for the day.

From roughly 08H00 to 08H30, the technical morning meeting takes place. The purpose of this meeting is to plan the day and follow up on previous jobs. Of course, another integral part of the morning matters is a cup of coffee!

After the meeting, it’s time to perform regular maintenance on our demo machines that you see as soon as you enter our offices.

This in-house duty requires documentation in order to get the necessary tools and consumables from storage, so the requisition book is filled-in and signed by storage management.

This task takes quite a bit of time, but Mullah still has to head out to one of our trusted partners located roughly five minutes away from our head office.

Mullah prepping the channel letter bender for testing
Mullah prepping the channel letter bender for testing

With a total of 12 machines from Sytech, our trade-partner has been a trusty friend for many years on end.

Once Mullah arrives at his destination, he smiles and greets all who recognise him. This turns out to be quite a few of the machine operators and individuals in management.

He settles at the site of the job he has for the day; profiling material of a channel letter bender.

“The customer’s got new materials… double lip channel aluminium profile extrusions. I’m here to create a programme so that the machine precisely feeds it, bends it, slots it and curves it, ultimately achieving perfect 3D letter returns,” he says as he gets to work.

The job requires testing and retesting. Mullah sips on a freshly brewed cup of foamy coffee as he goes to work, inputting possible values on the system each time in order to perfect the end result of the coated aluminium.

The only real break that Mullah gets is grabbing a quick five-minute bite to eat, then it’s back to work again.

He works for a couple more hours until the desired outcome is achieved, paying careful attention as he goes about his work. If the job isn’t fully complete, Mullah will not leave, so there is a high level of commitment to getting the job done no matter how long it takes.

Overall, the work takes roughly 90 minutes per material, quite a few hours in total.

Noon has now passed and it’s time for Mullah to head out to his next destination. The technician reaches our second trade partner for the day in the late afternoon. There isn’t much time left until close of office, so he observes the faults and the work that needs to be done, so that he can return the next day.

Mullah inputting values on the system of the channel letter bender
Mullah inputting values on the system of the channel letter bender

As he walks around, he gets to work performing minor tests on the machines that will help him figure out the faults.

“At least I can know what’s wrong and get to work as soon as I return, this saves me time,” he says.

As Mullah bids everyone farewell, he makes some jokes and goes on to speak about his fondness towards our customers. In this short anecdote, his love for his job and the people he interacts with everyday becomes undeniably apparent.

The work of a technician is tiring, but it’s well worth it.

As for his favourite part of being a technician at Sytech, well, it’s all in the work!

“I love all aspects in the Sytech machinery world… the setup, sharing and receiving of knowledge, and oh the faults!” says a thrilled Mullah.

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