The benefits of using a CNC router for carpentry

A wood carving of the crucifixion of Jesus

Carpentry is an ancient yet robust industry, with modern advancements facilitating the ease and efficacy of noteworthy output.

While hand-crafted pieces are a real treasure, larger businesses aim to complete bigger jobs at faster rates.

The carpentry industry is still quite popular as wood is widely used for an array of signage needs, and of course, everyday items like furniture.

CNC wood routers are common in most large carpentry companies nationwide, and their benefits are unmatched.

This article explores the advantages of having this machine in your woodwork shop.

High productivity

One of the most notable aspects regarding this machine is its high productivity. This allows more work to be done in a shorter amount of time. Since more work will be done, the automation also allows the turnover rate to be significant, as opposed to using manpower to complete the job. The production capacity of any carpentry business is surely increased with this handy machine.

Consistent quality

With handcrafted pieces, it is not easy to emulate the same design repeatedly. This leaves room for error, and of course, an inconsistent quality overall. Businesses usually order designs or goods in bulk, and thus crafting each piece by hand is not only a time consuming process, but it is also impractical concerning the similarity of each job. If you prioritise quality assurance, this aspect of CNC routing is priceless.

Less wastage

If you have more wastage, then you lose more money in wasted supplies. Manual labour is not always accurate, and as a result, vast amounts of wastage can occur. As a result of their automated operation, CNC routers reduce wastage caused by human error, producing hundreds of identical pieces without generating a single piece of waste.

Processing complex shapes

An added benefit of these amazing machines is the complex shapes that these routers can engrave. Surely, man can compete, but man cannot conquer. The bits can engrave complex designs and shapes into the wood that would take ages for man to complete. These complex shapes may only be matched by a seasoned carpenter, who is available at an increased cost per hour. The complexity and accuracy of the final job is where CNC routers win the victory over man and human error.

If you have a carpentry business, or if you are interested in starting one, then you will not go wrong with a CNC router.

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