Here are our top heat transfer vinyls that you need to know about!

Subli-light heat transfers onto bright cotton T-shirts

There’s no time like the present to start your own venture, in this case, a t-shirt printing business. If you are new to the industry you need to understand that your customers want bright and colourful heat transfer vinyls (HTV). While we’ve discussed the Different Options For T-Shirt Printing, this time we’re diving into fun variants of HTVs offered by Flexx.There are loads of different HTVs on the market to choose from – all with their own specific benefits. Here are a few you can use:

Flock HTV
If you’re looking to give your t-shirts that little bit extra – then choosing a flock HTV is the right printing call. With a soft suede feel it’s a great HTV to use when you’re trying to replicate that colourful retro-sport look. Also, it’s relatively easy to use if you’re a newbie.

Glitter HTV
Bling it up with glitter HTV. For those individuals who want a t-shirt that is truly fabulous, it’s worth your time to invest a little extra capital into the final product! Just a note, it can be a challenge to weed, but the result is always spectacular and the upshot could be a higher return on investment!

Metallic HTV
For that ‘pop factor’, nothing is better for a t-shirt than a metallic HTV finish. It is a little stiffer than the other HTVs and you need to be aware that it won’t stretch that well – as it tends to crack. So, if you’re planning on using it make sure it’s for smaller prints, for example, it’d be perfect to replicate the small panels on a mirrorball.

Holographic HTV
Create a memorising kaleidoscope of colours with a holographic HTV. Just like the metallic HTV this is better utilised in smaller detailed work as it is a stiffer material and also tends to crack. But it will bring that one of a kind finish to your t-shirts, and eventually, attract more clients to your business.

Reflective HTV
It doesn’t need to be an emergency for you to use reflective HTV on your t-shirts. Think about printing a bunch of funky, and safe, t-shirts for cyclists! Also, it’s easy to use and cut to size, so less wastage. Let’s just say it’s the economical crowd favourite.

Stretch HTV
As the name suggests, this HTV stretches. It works well on stretchy knit, ribbed, or athletic fabrics. If you’re planning on branding athletic wear or printing t-shirts for a sporting event, then this is the HTV for the job.

HTV is a material that is as versatile as your business and its clients. So, if Johnny (the imaginary client) walks into your shop asking for a t-shirt that looks like a medieval suit of armour, that sparkles in the light, and has to have his name on it; you can make it happen with the right combination of HTVs.

If you’re looking for the perfect heat transfer machine for your fledgeling business our Heat Press is well priced and super reliable. And if you’re looking for the best HTVs locally Sytech stocks Flexx.

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