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Elastic foil


A stretching metallic polyester vinyl that creates shimmer and prism effects on garments.



The products name, Flake, come from the fact it has actual glitter flakes encased in a high adhesive hot melt. Polyester based flakes can create brilliant sparkle and shine to fashionable garments. It is available in roll form and can be used with a vinyl cutter, flatbed cutter, or hand cutting. Most materials can be applied with only a heat press on garments. Stocking heat transfer materials and cutting in-house is a great way to personalise apparel on-demand.

Flock( Suede)


Flock is viscose pile based heat transfer vinyl that provides a raised look and feel of soft velvet. Flock can be a low-priced and easy alternative to embroidery. As flock is thicker than most of our other vinyl, it is suitable for large design.

Glow in the dark

glow in the dark

Glow in the dark is polyurethane based material which casts a gentle glow when the light is out. Glow in the dark is ideal for decorating t shirts or any other garments that frequently needs to stand out in the dark.

Plate & Hologram


Plate and Hologram are metallic and holographic polyester vinyl that creates shimmer and prism effects on garments. The polyester vinyl are dimensionally stable and durable against abrasion.



Reflective is perfect for imaging safety and any garment which needs high visibility such as uniforms for firefighters, traffic police, runners, and more. Apart from the basic silver colour, coloured films are also available and these are good for garment decoration as well as safety purposes.

Vent hole

Vent hole 2

Vent hole is a breathability heat transfer vinyl based on highly flexible polyurethane material. Vent hole has excellent ventilation and is good for sportswear or uniforms. Vent hole can also apply all kinds of garments without limitation.

Solvents( Large format printer)

White & Clear digital printing

Digital white printing is cost effective for printing with adhesive. there are up to three passes of white that can be printed on each piece maximum opacity is achieved. This feature helps to create varying opacities of white, adding depth, texture, and highlights. A white printed background will allow full colour photos or graphics to show vibrantly on dark or coloured stocks.

As with white ink printing, in the past clear print effects could only be done with varnish on a heat press. The digital clear printing can achieve many of the same effects for a much lower cost.

Clear digital printing is often used to add subtle design embellishments and watermark effects that shine when turned in the light. Perfect for adding intrigue and an upscale, whimsical appearance.

When added as a top layer to any print piece, clear toner acts as a barrier to repel dirt and fingerprints. Add it to both sides of a page, and it increases paper durability by preventing tearing. Add clear as a "full flood" at 100% output, or adjusted to a lower percentage for a satin sheen.



Heat transfer vinyl assists with custom printing, it can be used with any cutter and applied with any heat press. It comes in two kinds, material that you can cut and that is printable.

It also heats on any fabric. It comes in many different coulours, whether you're designing an outfit to perform in or corporate wear, PVC and PU can do it.


Flexx COLOURFlexx Promotional Transfer

This thermal transfer film is suitable for colour photos, logos, lettering & numbering. It is popular due to its excellent colour absorption & bright colours.

There are various effects available in the range, including silver metallic, glitter, transparent, glow in the dark and reflective.

It is important to note that reflective flex & night glow flex need higher operating temperatures & longer press duration.

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