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Backlit signs located outdoors at a restaurant

Everyone loves a backlit sign. It conjures up images of strutting along the Las Vegas strip or walking through Time Square, maybe you’re less imaginative and it’s a simple visit to the corner shop…

Wherever you’re imagining – backlit signs are memorable. Here are a few things to consider when building a lightbox.

There are multiple options to choose from when building a lightbox. We’ve already mentioned that you can use fabric material in our previous blog – so let’s not repeat ourselves. There are two major plastic options polycarbonate and acrylic – each with their benefits and flaws.

Polycarbonates can take a punch and are relatively heat resistant. But are sensitive to UV light and prone to scratches. So, they are perfect for signage inside at a ground level. Available in a glossy and matte finish the possibilities are endless.

Acrylics are resistant to scratches and weathering. But are flammable and not as impact resistant as polycarbonates. It’s these characteristics that make this material perfect for outdoor use.

In the last few years LED lights have taken the industry by storm as manufacturers move away from traditional lighting solutions. It’s not surprising that LEDs are taking over when you compare them to the old guard’s standards as they are more efficient, don’t produce heat (so containers can be completely closed off) and are better in all regards – except glare!

If you spend too long staring at a LED light, you’ll need help – physically and mentally. Diffusing this light is critical when building a lightbox – and easy to do – just add a dense transfer.  

While it’s hard to argue the use of fluorescent lights for backlit signs, the only reason you’d go with them is the lightboxes fittings are old. Then again there are now ways of converting these fittings to accommodate LEDs.

A sign needs to be eye-catching. Just so you know, submitting artwork via MS Paint will not do. Make sure to use the best software to create the most impressive end product. After all, using the correct program also makes the printing process more streamlined, AKA: artwork is provided in the right size and dimensions. We’d suggest using EasySIGN as it is globally recognised as an all-in-one solution for sign-making.

If you’re still feeling a little nervous about going ahead with the project, maybe drop us an email at Or if you’re an old-school person phone us: 0870 563 231.

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