A winner on the rise: Backlit textile

A backlit fabric sign displaA backlit fabric sign displayed in a mall. Image by: http://support.hplfmedia.com/blog/enter-the-profitable-world-of-fabric-signage-introducing-hp-durable-backlit-fabricyed in a mall
A backlit fabric sign displayed in a mall. Image by: http://support.hplfmedia.com/

It’s the rage of the present and a form of signage that is here to stay.

Backlit textile is becoming increasingly popular and efficient, so of course we have this type of signage material available for you to purchase.

If you visit most retailers countrywide, you’d notice that there is a movement towards fabric as the medium of choice for commercial-grade backlit signs. Backlit signs are great for showing in-store promotions and are also perfect for other indoor signage uses as they have a long lifespan, even brightness and efficiency.

Another perk of these signs is that they are intense enough to see when the sun’s shining. This means that no matter the time of day, and regardless of whether your customers are hurrying passed a certain aisle or not, they can get a clear impression of your sign’s message or logo.

An added benefit is that large format fabric graphics fold into manageable proportions and thus have a longer shelf life. The lightweight aluminium framing allows for a lighter package when transporting the material.

Polyester fabric is typically used to create this type of in-store signage. It should be noted that polyester fabric can be made available with percentages of recycled content, such as recycled plastic. One should receive many years out of a single fabric graphic, however results do vary.

If your customers in retail are looking for a reliable material suitable for effective indoor signage, then partner with us to satisfy the needs of your clients.

Drop us an e-mail if you want to know what backlit options we have available and we’ll get back to you to discuss how we can assist you.

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