Indoor signage vs outdoor signage: which is more suitable?

An outdoor promotional sign for Starbucks

There are many different sub-types of signage, and each type is used for a specific purpose or to communicate a particular message.

For millennia signs have been the unspoken way in which humans communicate with each other. Whether a business is looking to advertise specials or gain new consumers, signage is a valuable tool which people can utilise to have their business needs met.

Signage in its traditional sense essentially comprises of two main types; indoor signage and outdoor signage.

Indoor signs are typically designed for the consumers who have already decided to visit an establishment. Once they walk through the doors of a store, the signs can grab their attention and increase the store’s chances of making the sale.

“Indoor signage is more for point-of-sales, and that can be your promotional vinyl and other signage used for advertising sales,” says our Durban sales manager, Trevor Govender.

On the other hand, outdoor signage can be found almost anywhere and its functions include branding vehicles, company signage and other types of outdoor advertising.

Outdoor signs are designed to rope in new consumers to a business from just about anywhere, depending on the reach of the business. When making use of a good market strategy, design and display, outdoor signs can help capture the attention of consumers and convince them of a business’s value.

Outdoor signs can help with brand consistency, and lead new consumers to believe that a particular business is worth all its talk.

Both these types of signage serve their own purpose, and are suitable for an array of business needs. When businesses are looking to advertise, it is within their best interest to decide what aim their signage should serve. This is the only way in which establishments can decide on the suitability of a particular form of signage.

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