Choosing the correct banner material

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Banners serve a few useful purposes in the world of signage and communication.

A business may want to advertise specials, or have a few banners up at its exhibition stand at an expo, but one thing is for sure, these affordable means of advertisement are crucial when it comes to communicating messages to customers or anyone who would particularly engage with a business as a result.

Choosing the correct banner substrate is of utmost importance when it comes to your customers wishing to accomplish their signage goals. Are they looking for a long term solution or something more temporary? With the pointers given in this article, you can help your customers choose the correct banner substrate for the job.

Here are a few things your customers should consider when choosing the correct banner material:

1. Intent

What purpose does the signage serve? Is it an advertisement which will be viewed as a huge billboard, or is it a sign which will require closer viewing? These questions are important as the quality of the material will vary.

“The banners for billboards are generally 520 gsm but it depends on the denier or type of weaving [of the material],” says our Durban sales manager, Trevor Govender.

As a result, the quality of the material will vary and so will the price. According to Govender, material with a 500×500 denier will be more loosely woven than substrate with a 1000×1000 denier.

2. Application

The application is the practicalities of the intent. You should aid your customers in choosing the correct substrate for the job, based on their intent. Your customers then have to consider the actual application, and whether the material they have selected will carry out the job.

“You get banners for roll-up mechanisms, you get non-curve banners, however it comes in different grammages,” says Govender.

This too, affects the quality of the material. Long-term signage is best carried out when the material is durable, whereas short term signage does not require sturdy material.

Identifying the intent and type of application are key to making your customers reach their target audience.

3. Affordability

Your customers also know that they need to get a cost effective deal. While quality and objective are important, businesses also seriously consider the price of goods.

The cost will increase as the quality does, so materials of a higher grammage are pricier.

“The 260 gsm to 475 gsm differs, it all depends on the affordability for the customer,” Govender highlights.

Assist your customers when it comes to the best quality of the material, for the best price. Of course, factor in their intent, and you will be good to go.

Although there are other factors for your clients to consider when choosing the correct banner substrate, these prove to be among the most important. Further research and your expertise will help them make the correct decision, it’s all in the effort.

We offer an array of affordable and durable banner materials which can be used to satisfy any business needs of your clients. Just send us an e-mail and we’ll give you a call to discuss how we can work together.

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