How is print relevant in today’s digitally dominated world?

There’s no arguing that the digital world is expanding at a rapid pace. With digital platforms growing and digital tools getting smaller, smarter, more mobile, and much more responsive.As one reads material and interacts with different brands online, our attention is watered down by incoming emails, instant messages, banner ads, and SO MANY pop-ups. All of those digital distractions mean that what we read online is often quickly skimmed over before one moves on.

As for with print the same level of distraction doesn’t apply. Reading print material requires 21% less cognitive effort than reading material on a screen. Readers are able to settle into printed material and digest it on a much deeper level. Meaning print is more likely to be viewed at a slower pace, set aside, and picked up later. This is exceptionally important for all marketers because the “ability to linger and savour” translates into more durable engagement with one’s content.

By combining technology and vinyl, they were able to create “piano” stairs in a subway stop in Germany, which both looked like a piano, and played a tune. These stairs were located right next to an escalator, and focused on encouraging commuters to choose the stairs instead of the escalator, so they could play their own tunes as they went up and down each step.

Print is a trusted form of marketing. While that’s not to suggest that digital media isn’t trustworthy. With the influence of generations of cultural tradition and history, the overall conclusion is that print often carries a heavier weight.For colleges and universities, print offers a unique opportunity to enrich your brand story not simply through images and words, but through the very medium itself.
Digital media continues to change how we communicate every day but it’s also important to acknowledge print’s enduring influence. In the midst of this digital revolution, we can clearly see print is not dead.



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