How to remodel a kitchen at an affordable price!

A gentleman installing vinyl flooring that has a textured finish

Upgrading one’s kitchen does not need to cost loads of money.

If your customers are on the fence about how to best upgrade their beloved space, especially at an affordable price, well here’s an interesting article to help them out!

So, how can they have their kitchens remodeled?

Well, vinyl of course!

As you know, vinyl is a PVC based material that has an array of benefits. It is popular knowledge that vinyl films serve as a protective layer for the desired substrate. The media prevents scratching, fading and small dents to the object.

These films are also useful for decorating surfaces. With vinyl, you can easily change the façade of a wall with a dull appearance to a beautiful artwork.

These different types of vinyl make it easy to remodel and refurbish an array of surfaces. You can make use of full or partial wraps for:


This is perhaps an obvious place to start. Vinyl flooring is extremely affordable and the aesthetic is noteworthy! It’s best to use textured vinyl for floors for added grip and a more realistic look–it is a substitute for tiles after all! The benefit of vinyl flooring is that it is both water-and stain-resistant and has a good durability.

Kitchen countertops and cupboards

Cupboards are among one of the most significant investments for a home, whether you’re designing from scratch or revamping the space. However, wood and granite do not come cheap, so if potential clients are looking for a beautiful countertop that doesn’t leave their pockets dry, then vinyl is an awesome substitute. Certain vinyl countertops have the same scratch-resistance of its granite counterparts and also will not show wear from daily use.

Fridges and other appliances

Imagine a grey matte wrap on a gigantic two door fridge, or a sophisticated chrome rose gold microwave. Now that’s fancy! Wrapping fridges and other household appliances can not only make the appeal of one’s kitchen unparalleled, but it can also protect your surfaces from tiny dents as aforementioned, making them last much longer than they ordinarily would.

Once they become aware of its benefits, vinyl is actually loved by scores of people who are interested in remodeling their homes. With the constant improvements of the technology of the material, it’s important to acknowledge that vinyl films are a good long-term investment for remodeling one’s home. If you earnestly convey this to your customers, it will definitely be good for business!

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