Interesting ways to use vinyl application and wrapping

Vinyl wrapping is a car lover’s best friend and one cannot walk through any busy street nationwide without seeing this type of signage in all its glory.

Whether it’s your favourite store advertising a new product or your favourite radio station advertising its frequency, vinyl is a popular choice when it comes to advertising on vehicles.

“With digital car wrapping, your vehicle is a moving billboard,” says Sytech’s Sales Representative, Trevor Govender.

Many people know about vinyl wrapping in relation to cars, but there are other fascinating ways in which this type of signage is used.

Vinyl wrapping is a type of vinyl application. The term “vinyl wrapping” is generally used when referring to completely covering objects such as vehicles and furniture, with vinyl. “Vinyl application”, on the other hand, is generally used when referring to partially covering other surfaces such as a branded store front, with vinyl.

This short and interesting list showcases five remarkable examples of vinyl application found across the globe.

Vinyl wrapped flooring  

Out with the old and in with the new! This image shows a floor that has been wrapped with slightly textured vinyl.
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The flooring in your home is important but so is your money. Tiling can cost a fortune per square metre and is relatively costly if you want to change up the style in your home. There’s the cost of labour in addition to the cost of the actual product. A cheaper and simpler way is to wrap your floor with vinyl and with the aid of a YouTube tutorial, you can do it yourself.

Vinyl wrapped kitchen essentials and appliances

A Stranger Things inspired wrapped flask.
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You love your favourite mug but perhaps the look isn’t the greatest anymore. You’ve had your toaster for years and its age has started to show. You don’t need to throw away those cherished goods. Vinyl wrapping can make your items look as good as when you first tore off that bubble wrap, and it’s also a fun DIY project.

Govender believes that wrapping has a number of purposes and is not merely just a casual DIY venture.

“It can make your old fridge look brand new,” he says.

Vinyl decals

A wall with vinyl decal designs.
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You may pass that decorative wall in the office everyday. You notice its creative typography but don’t take the time to wonder what actually went into placing that artwork on the wall. Those typographical elments are called vinyl decals.

Vinyl decals are designs cut from a roll of vinyl by a machine known as a vinyl cutter or plotter. This design then goes onto a surface, such as a wall or glass store front. A blank wall can be completely transformed by the decal, leaving those who pass by in awe of its beauty.

Vinyl wrapped technology

A vinyl wrapped PlayStation 4 videogaming console.
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A phone case is helpful in protecting one’s cellular but the options available often bulk up your object and change the feel of your treasured handheld. One of the most interesting ways in which you can keep your phone in good condition is vinyl wrapping. It doesn’t only change the look of your cellphone, but it also personalises it with any design you could possibly want. The good news about wrapping technology is that you can wrap just about anything; your laptop, your gaming console, your DVD player… the options are endless.

Vinyl wrapped musical intruments

A vinyl wrapped electric guitar.
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If you’re a musical genius, then there’s a way to preserve your precious tune makers just a little longer. An interesting trend among new age musicians is to wrap their instruments. Guitarists from across the globe are noting the benefits of personalising their own intruments, and if you’re a piano or drum set owner, then you can join in the fun too.

This list has shown the popularity and the efficacy of vinyl wrapping and application. At present, vinyl application is a popular choice when it comes to revamping your most loved possessions and encouraging beautification.

Here at Sytech Supplies, we provide a wide range of vinyl options available for your business, so that you can continue growing your design business and satisfying your customer’s needs.

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