How to Remove Vinyl Graphics and Adhesive

Often the importance of vinyl is placed on how to put it on, but taking it off correctly can also be an art. Removing vinyl is difficult because the intention of vinyl is to stay on for years.

Whether you’re updating or moving, here are some simple tips to make your vinyl removal process easier:

  • Use heat in order to soften the adhesive on the vinyl in order to make it easier to peel off. This can be done by simply blowing a hair dryer or steamer over it.
  • Pulling letters off one by one can be really time consuming. Make your life easier by using a plastic razor blade to scrape the lettering off.
  • Usually when you remove the vinyl there is a sticky layer left behind from the adhesive. Use an adhesive remover like Vinyl-Off, Adhesive Off or Ghost Off by CrystalTek (available at Sytech) to clean the surface and make sure it looks good as new.
  • Spray the surface with your adhesive remover and leave it to sit for a few minutes to do its job.
  • Use a putty knife or plastic razor to remove the layer if it’s on a window. If it’s on another surface like wood, don’t use these tools because you may damage the surface.
  • Wipe the surface clean with a paper towel and window cleaner. Leave to dry and apply your new vinyl.

Have you taken vinyl off before? Let us know how it went and if you have any more tips in the comments below.


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