How to store your vinyl rolls

The way you store your vinyl can often mean the difference between being able to reuse it, or throwing it away in frustration because it’s ruined.
Here are the three main considerations to keep in mind when storing your vinyl.


It’s imperative to establish an ideal and controlled storage temperature to store your vinyl. The recommended temperature is 24 degrees Celsius with 50% relative humidity. Anything above 24 degrees Celsius accelerates the degradation of the adhesive and reduces the bond of your graphics.


Excessive exposure to humidity or direct contact with water can cause the release liners in the vinyl to get damaged. This in turn causes the vinyl to become wavy on the edges and hard to manage when you have to use it again.


It’s always advisable to store your vinyl rolls vertically instead of horizontally. Also, avoid stacking vinyl rolls on top of each other as this can cause the pressure exerted on the bottom rolls to damage, causing mottling on the vinyl.


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