Service and quality – our fundamental values at Sytech

Malcolm Groger at work behind his desk
Malcolm Groger at work behind his desk

Customer service and quality products are a top priority for Sytech Supplies.

This is according to Mr Malcolm Groger, the founder and managing director of the company.

As we are on the brink of reaching two decades in operation, Mr Groger describes his journey as being enjoyable, but also something which has required integrity.

The boss, as he is often referred to at the headquarters, was first involved in the graphics supply industry in 1988, and since the idea of his running his own enterprise came to fruition in 2000, Sytech has exponentially grown into one of the most responsive and capable signage supply companies in the country.

“I didn’t have any idea of what would develop,” says Mr Groger, as he reflects on beginning the company and where it is now.

“As the years went by it grew and grew and I got more involved in it,” he says.

The company now has a reach not only in South Africa, but in neighbouring countries as well and specialises in signage and graphics supply of both machines and media for your business.

With our hands-on staff, you’ll never be left confused or without assistance.

“We go to great lengths to try and be there for our customers when they’ve got problems. We don’t just install systems and leave. We ensure training and follow-ups on the service, and also make sure that the equipment is always working,” says Mr Groger.

Mr Groger believes that the graphics supply industry has become popular in this millennium due to advertising being an important and large form of communication.

“Shops, retail stores… all companies need to keep people informed as to what they do,” the boss points out.

The director says that what makes him proud is the perceptions which our clients have of the enterprise.

“The pride [for me] is that our customers view us as a reputable and honest company,” he says.

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