The CNC router with a camera is finally here!

The camera of the Unitec UT 2500AX3C

In the world of signage and graphics, quick and efficient cutting and plotting are necessities for any productive signage company.

Modern advancement in the industry is making it increasingly more convenient to get work done scrupulously, consistently and effectively.

An interesting development in the world of locally traded CNC routers is the Unitec UT 2500AX3C. This machine features three cutting heads which can install three separate cutting tools of varying sizes on them simultaneously, saving you from the laborious task of manually changing them one at a time.

These cutting tools are powerful enough to cut hard metals such as aluminium as well as a variety of woods and acrylic.

So, is that what makes this machine one of a kind? Well, not quite. The true gem to this cutter is its camera. Yes, an actual camera!

“The camera detects registration marks and cuts a specific shape or outline as defined by the user,” says our technician, Naeem Mullah.

It is this camera that allows for better precision and a finer cut.

With this powerful machine which has a speed of 18000 to 24000 revolutions per minute depending on the setting, you’re sure to get the job done efficiently.

Just ensure that you take excellent care of the machine and you’ll have a trusty sidekick to take your output to the next level.

As always, our technicians are just a call away if you encounter any problems along the way. Go on… call a friend, we’ll solve your problem together.

If you would like to purchase the machine, kindly drop us an email and we’ll call you back right away. Alternatively, click here to view some of our other awesome cutters and plotters that are available to you:

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