The advantages of UV-LED printing

A UV-LED printer in motion

UV-LED technology ensures a broader range of print applications and materials, such as heat-sensitive and delicate media, allowing printers to enter new markets.

This is according to an article by the Sign Africa Journal.

This type of printing has an array of perks, with relatively low running costs being one of them.

“The ink is cheaper per running square metre. You can print on more media than with solvent printers,” says our technician, Norman Khuzwayo.

UV-LED printing is fast becoming preferred over solvent printing for a number of reasons. This type of printing is advantageous in many aspects, and this article will explore a few.

The printers have the ability to print on a wide variety of materials

With UV-LED printers, users can produce a wide range of applications on treated and untreated, roll and rigid materials, including display graphics, signage such as PVC, wood, glass, boards, metals, soft fabrics and leathers, decals and environmental graphics.

UV-LED printers possess fast-drying ink

The ink dries almost instantaneously on the substrate surface. Colour saturation is optimised because there is no time for any ink dots to spread. In addition, there is no ink absorption into the actual substrate. The inks firmly bond to the substrate surface.

They are energy-saving

UV-LED printers power up fairly quickly, and subsequently consume little power when in use. While in operation, they generate a small amount of heat. This is another benefit of this type of printing.

They ensure fast production

Fast production times are possible with UV-LED printers. Items can be packed immediately right out of the printer, with no additional production steps being required. This ensures a greater output in much less time.

They are eco-friendly

UV inks are environmentally friendly.  They dry through a photomechanical process whereas solvent inks are cured with heat. This makes UV inks significantly eco-friendlier than solvent inks.

These printers albeit initially pricy, can really be worth it in the long run. It all depends on your business needs. Partner with Sytech Supplies today, so that we can embark on a meaningful journey which will see us into the future.

If you want to discuss your purchase of any of our printers, media or inks, simply drop us an email and we’ll call you back. Alternatively, check out our range of media and inks here:

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