The key to effective promotional signage

A lightbox advertising donuts and baguettes in London, England.

Promotional signage can really enhance a business’s image.

The uses for this type of signage range from promoting events, to special offers and so much more.

Your customers, whether in retail or advertising, will require effective promotional signage to best communicate their messages.

Promotional signage fundamentally serves to increase traffic, or the sale of “dead stock” – products which were not selling previously.

“With promotional signage, you’re creating urgency; you’re creating that mindset of ‘I’ve got to buy now because I don’t want to pay more later’,” says our external sales representative, Andrew Cromberge.

This signage also creates brand awareness and ensures brand development if carried out correctly.

This type of signage can meet its objectives and do so much more if key factors are taken into consideration. This article explores some of these factors.

In order to have effective signage, you should:

Create eye-catching signs

Designing an appealing sign for all passers-by is an important tool in roping in new customers. When your clients are seeking to create a promotional sign, ensure that your design team closely liaises with your clients in order to best bring about an impressive design which will positively impact scores of people, and ultimately encourage purchases.

Keep it simple

While aiming to create an eye-catching sign, one should always be cognizant of not over-complicating a sign. This can lead potential consumers and even existing ones to be confused about the message which your clients are trying to communicate. Keep it simple, and you’ll keep it sophisticated.

Be specific

Ensure that specific information is included when designing a sign. Include location-specific instructions and product information, so that consumers know exactly what to expect, and where they can go for the products or services being advertised.

Use appropriate material

Encourage your customers to use the correct material suitable for the type of advertising that they wish to do. This is dependent on the specific goals that they wish to meet with their signage. Are they adverting a product available in store or a series of services available as over-the counter coupons? The material of the sign is dependent on the intended purpose of the sign. Promotional signs can be in the form of banners, temporary wall graphics, or even backlit textile. Helping your customers choose the correct material is extremely important.

When aiming to meet the needs of your clients, remember that a job well done is not only beneficial for the client, but for your brand name as well.

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