Different types of window graphics

A storefront sign advertising a sale on selected clothing items

Have you ever been drawn into a shop because of something you saw on its storefront?

Well, that’s the power of window graphics.

Window graphics are an extremely popular choice utilised by businesses nationwide to engage with the general public.

They are affordable and reliable for all small signage needs, and serve to increase foot traffic into a store or provide privacy.

“Window graphics increase exposure, and are relatively easy to change on a regular basis,” says our external sales representative, Andrew Cromberge.

There are different types of window graphics, with vinyl decals and vinyl stickers both being used on an array of surfaces including brick walls and glass windows.

Vinyl Decals are generally monotone in colour and undergo weeding to remove any excess vinyl before the adhesive layer is added.

Vinyl stickers, on the other hand, are generally more colourful and more complex, with the  shapes being manually or machine-cut out of the printed vinyl wherever necessary to create the design.

Window graphics come in different forms, and each has its own unique qualities. Highlighted below are the forms of graphics which are frequently used on glass windows for different purposes.

Static clings

Static clings function differently than any other type of window graphics as they don’t have tack. Rather, static clings use the static charge of the sign itself to “cling” to the window. Unlike stickers and decals, clings can be easily removed and reattached at any time.

Clear Window Graphics 

The background of a clear window graphic is printed on transparent film, which allows natural light to enter the building and does not block visibility from the inside or outside. It is a great choice for stickers and graphics in locations that don’t require privacy.

Cut Vinyl Window Graphics

These types of window graphics are also called single colour window graphics. They are available in single colours and are a great option for low-priced window graphics. The single colours can be matched with other colours, but they remain single colour films. It is harder to create an image from multiple single colour films, but it is cheaper.

Perforated Vinyl

The perforated vinyl window graphics have tiny holes in them which allow you to see through the graphics, while simultaneously preventing people on the outside from seeing through them easily. Perforated vinyl undergoes the same printing process like other types of vinyl. These graphics can fill up an entire storefront or just a portion of the window.

Opaque Vinyl

Opaque vinyl is similar to perforated vinyl, except you can’t see through it at all. It is a great option for privacy and keeping prying eyes from inside your space.

Etched Glass Vinyl Treatments

Also called frosted crystal vinyl and dusted crystal vinyl, these two-window graphics are actually frosted translucent vinyl that prevent people from seeing in, while still allowing light to pass through. You can make out basic shapes and movement with the styles, but they’re similar to perforated vinyl films as they give you privacy.

With so many options to choose from, window graphics are the way to go when it comes to affordable signage which will meet the advertising needs of your clients. Best believe, they make all the difference to passers-by who engage with a business’s storefront.

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