What is application tape and how does it work?

Application tape, also known as transfer tape or “pre-mask”, is a staple of digital graphics.Application tape is so called because it transfers your vinyl graphics and decals after you’ve cut them on your vinyl cutter.
Application tape is like a bridge. It connects your vinyl graphics to their final destination: the substrate.

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We sell 3 different kinds of application tape:

  • low tack film application tape
  • high tack film application tape
  • standard grade saturated paper application tape

Try to match the tack level of the tape with the properties of the vinyl and substrates you’re using.
But how do you know which ones goes with which?
It’s simple.
Low tack film is best for to transferring large format graphics. Our Clear Choice® AT60n is an ultra-clear, low tack film with excellent clarity that helps installers precisely align multiple graphic overlays. Plus, the rigid polypropylene face material prevents stretching even when applying graphics in hot weather. With its forgiving adhesive system, AT60n makes handling and applying large graphics less challenging.
High tack film has a wide range of versatile applications and is especially suited for transferring small, high detail cut graphics & calendared vinyl films. Our Clear Choice® AT65 high tack film is an ultra-clear application tape that provides exceptional performance and allows for precise registration of multiple colour overlays.
Standard grade saturated paper application tape is the superior choice for medium and large plotter cut graphics. Our ApliTape™ 4050 is coated with a medium tack rubber adhesive and is a good choice for applying graphics to vinyl banners.
Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts.
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