Create an effective wayfinding sign

From the moment people arrive at your facility, until the moment they leave, directional signs and graphics have the ability to make or break a visitor’s experience. Effective wayfinding signage helps create a more streamlined, organised navigation experience, getting people where they need to be quickly.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating yours:

Keep it simple
Focus on the most important information and make sure it is clear and concise.

Location is important
Place wayfinding signs and graphics where they are most likely to be useful, especially in high volume places where confusion can easily occur.

Wayfinding signs need to be successful in guiding people where they need to go. Balance this purpose with your graphic elements such as colours, fonts and designs to ensure that your signs do their job.

Don’t forget to be creative
Directional signs don’t have to be boring to be effective. Incorporate the wayfinding signage tips provided here and add a little creativity to your signs. Show off your brand personality and make the most of your space by using walls, doors, floors and even office windows.

Let’s get started!

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