Cast Vinyl 101: what is cast vinyl and what is it used for?


Vinyl rolls in storage

In the world of signage and graphics, vinyl is a popular material used for both indoor and outdoor signage.

It is possible to cover an array of substrates including cars, floors and even kitchen appliances. However, with different films used for different purposes, it could be required of you to conduct preliminary research to discover which type of film you should use for a specific job.

Cast films are great for vinyl wrapping, especially the wrapping of vehicles and furniture tops. They are great for such jobs due to their durability and self-adhesive ability. This type of vinyl differs from others in terms of its manufacturing process.

When manufacturing cast film, liquefied resin is put onto casting paper to produce a thin film of vinyl. Cast films are popular and usually preferred as they do not have the same memory as calendered films. This means that shrinkage is minimal and that this form of vinyl is generally softer to handle than others. This type of film can be made very thin and thus can conform to substrates with complex contours.

Cast films are probably the highest quality vinyl available on the market and have a typical outdoor life expectancy of approximately 8-10 years for black and white, and significantly less for colours and metallics.

The performance of the vinyl regarding temperature ranges and colourfastness is said to be much better than other types of film due to its unique manufacturing method and the materials used during production. Cast films come in a variety of colours, with glosses being variable.

Although cast vinyl has an array of benefits, it also has its downsides.

“When using cast vinyl on conformable surfaces, the application is difficult,” says Andrew Cromberge, a salesperson at Sytech.

According to Cromberge, cast vinyl is also pricier than other types of vinyl.

However, if you want a quality and durable finish, then it’s best to invest in cast vinyl. Your end result just won’t be the same without it.

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