The who and what: how does Sytech function?

With our head office located in one of the busiest industrial areas in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, Sytech Supplies has been operative for almost two decades.

Malcolm Groger at work behind his desk
Malcolm Groger at work behind his desk

Customer service is at the centre of everything that we do and our team of dedicated staff work tirelessly to ensure that a good service is ultimately rendered.

Every company has steps which it must follow and individuals who make the practicalities of getting the job done possible. This is the structure of the departments and the individuals who make sure that your products are delivered to you and maintained efficiently.

Managing Member

Malcolm Groger is the founder of Sytech Supplies and currently serves as the Managing Member of the company. He is responsible for the overall performance of the company, in addition to building and maintaining an effective management team.

General Manager

Richard Haarhoff is the General Manager of the company, who particularly oversees the technical team as well as makes sure that the company runs smoothly.

Warehouse and stores

Colour Vinyl Rolls in Storage
Colour Vinyl Rolls in Storage

Our efficient team of assistants work closely with Paul Khubone and Kevin Richards who ensure that the warehouse keeps track of incoming and outgoing stock, that the goods are correct as per invoices, and that all other necessary functions are carried out correctly.  After arriving from overseas, this is where your products are safely stored away until they are delivered to the doorstep of your company.


Our sales team is always ready to ensure that you get the best deals on all of our goods. Whether offering you advice on which media to purchase or delivering specials to you, our sales staff are here to help you save extra money while also allowing you to acquire expert advice. Our representatives are the interface between client and company who you can contact at any time of the day or night to leverage Sytech’s resources for your good; namely, to be advised on the best product quickly, and at the best price for the job that you need to get done.

External sales: These are the dedicated people who generally pay you a visit. Most importantly, they make sure that you are offered special pricing on all your items, in addition to dropping off samples if you’re having difficulty choosing a brand.

Internal sales: Our energetic sales staff are internally based and ready to answer every call or question that you may have for them. They also perform demos on products so that they can show you how our media and machinery work on the spot, without any delay.


Accounts: Of course, every company has to keep track of their customer accounts and process every customer invoice. Our credit controller ensures that your account is captured on our database, so that all our trades are tracked.  Our debtors-creditors clerk ensures that your monies are correctly processed and that your delivery is proofed.

Receptionists: Our enthusiastic receptionists are ever-ready to connect you to anyone that you need here at Sytech. They are here to steer you in the right direction if you ever need to navigate your way around our company.

Sytech's sales desk in our Durban demo room
Sytech’s sales desk in our Durban demo room

Wellbeing officers: Our wellbeing officers ensure a clean and healthy environment for all of our staff and you as well, our trade partners.


Our technical staff are well-known for their dedication to assisting you, no matter the time nor intensity of the difficulty you are facing with any of your machinery. Richard Haarhoff and our devoted technicians are here to assist you not only with installation of machinery and training, but with refurbishing and maintenance as well.


Our marketing team is headed up by Kyle Groger and ensures that every deal which we have is effortlessly communicated to you, in addition to providing you with any digital information about Sytech which you may require, whether it be our downloadable eBooks or videos on YouTube.

If you’re keen to partner with us, then it’s important for you to know whom to go to for specific information or assistance. This knowledge can save you loads of time, enabling you to get the help that you need more efficiently. At Sytech, we’re proud of our unique customer care and continue to strive for excellence in the signage supply industry.

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