Dynamic Dot Printing Technology

The printing industry has seen various technological advances over the years. One of those advances comes in the form of the way ink is placed on the printing surface. There is no longer a difference to be made between print-quality photos and inkjet, because dynamic, or variable, dot printing technology has meant that quality of images is incomparable to previous generations.

How does it work?

The printing industry has always relied on the dots per inch as a measure of print quality. The more dots per inch, the greater the quality of the image. With variable dot technology this assumption gets turned on its head.


Before dynamic dot technology, imagery was often grainy and lower quality due to the large volume of white spaces between dots. In the 90s, this all changed with the introduction of six-colour printing and better inkjet quality. Six-colour printing produced better quality imagery, but was slightly problematic as it used more ink and cost more money. The introduction of variable dot technology made this six-colour printing obsolete.

How does it work?

Variable dot technology uses three different dot sizes to produce ink droplets of varying sizes, thereby using the appropriate size for each specific image feature requirements. When creating small, fine detailed images, smaller dots can be used, and when printing larger tonal areas, a larger dot can be used. In other words, our printers can fine tune the amount of ink necessary at each moment of printing. So fine fonts can be printed delicately, with little grain, whilst skin and areas which require a larger dot can be printed quickly and with little grain. If you were to try use a small dot to print skin tone for example, you would get a very jagged looking image of a person.

So what are the benefits of this dynamic dot printing technology?


Because our printers use less than ink the inkjet systems used to, cost-savings can take place quite easily. Ink is not cheap, but with our printers, you will save. Depending on the print head, cost savings of between 25 – 50 percent can be made compared with the inkjet systems. The ink consumption rate is also generally lower with dynamic dot technology than with the six-colour inkjet systems.


The result of this variable dot technology is a vastly improved photo-quality image, revealing a sharpness to images that was not there before with the inkjet system, and could previously only be seen at very high DPI density.  There is less grain in the variable dot technology, and colour dynamism is exceptional, and often supercedes the previous systems.

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