Different printers and their various applications

There are so many different types of printers available on the market. Which one you decide on will depend in large part on the type of business you run. With regards to the types of technology that is used in printer hardware, printers fall into the following categories.

The Dot Matrix

This type of impact printer produces illustrations and characters by striking pins against an ink ribbon in order to print closely spaced dots in the required shape. These types of printers come at a high price tag, but produce high quality outputs.

The Inkjet Printer

The inkjet printer works by spraying ionised ink at the sheet of paper. Its magnetised plates in the ink’s path directs the ink to the paper in the required shapes. These printers produce exceptional quality prints, with resolutions of up to 600 dots per inch.

These are only a few of the many types of printers available on the market today. If you require any assistance in choosing the appropriate unit for your business, contact Sytech Supplies today.

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