The Role of Signage Companies in Effective Campaigns like the #ZumaMustFall Campaign Banner

The #ZumaMustFall banner erected in Cape Town in January this year is a rather polarising and contentious subject, as with all things political. However, regardless of which side of the divide you are on, one thing is for certain: the banner managed to make an impact. This is the ultimate goal of any of the many signage companies wanting to make waves in the industry and leave a lasting impression on the outdoor signage and marketing sector.

There are, however, certain legalities to keep in mind when wanting to raise such a banner. Each province and major city in South Africa has its own bylaws, which may differ from one area to the next, but you can rest assured that there are rules that need to be taken into account.
Legalities of erecting such a huge banner similar to the one of #ZumaMustFall include applying areas of control to deal with different landscape types:

  • Natural landscape areas of maximum control which owes to their sensitivity to visual disturbance;
  • Rural and urban landscape areas of maximum control owing to their sensitivity to visual disturbance.

Costs of Creating and Erecting Banners Similar to #ZumaMustFall

According to reports, the advertising space used to erect the #ZumaMustFall banner sells for a reported R250, 000 per month. This directs attention to the often lesser thought of importance of the actual advertising space of banners. Aside from the actual cost of making the banner and its ultimate erection, consideration needs to be paid to the advertising space it will take up and its resulting costs.

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