The History of Sytech Supplies

In the ’90s, signage supplies veteran Malcolm Groger launched his company, Computer Plus. Computer Plus then merged with another wide-format printing company. However, after discovering that the two companies had separate visions, Computer Plus was spun off on its own and in 2002 Sytech Supplies was launched.

Today, we are currently a leading importer, distributor, and reseller of digital print vinyl, color sign vinyl, outdoor display solutions, dye sublimation systems & equipment, flexible PVC substrates, PVC signex board, and finishing solutions.

Our product range includes PVC heat transfer products, dye sublimation inks, heat transfer equipment and material, banner printing fabrics, outdoor display solutions, signage, branding, and promotions consumables.

We are the official African brand partners and importers of products by Metamark (signage and digital printing vinyl), KPMF, ProMedia (sign solutions), Triline, Forever Digital Transfers, and PVC signex board. We are also the South African distribution partners for RTape application tapes.
We have a range of liquids including liquid laminates and cleaning products suitable for an array of surfaces. We also stock an in-house brand, known as the “Ezee” range, featuring finishing products. The highly innovative Ezee Applicator, manufactured by our very own staff, reduces time wastage and suits a multitude of application needs.

We are based in the city of Durban on the east coast of South Africa – the metropolis boasting the busiest marine port in Southern Africa. From here, we have managed to build a strong brand presence in every major city in South Africa. Our footprint also covers the Johannesburg city and several African countries.

Our sales reps offer full training and consultation on the use of all products we stock and have a dedicated team to answer all of your questions. Call or visit one of our branches today!

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