Tips for applying signage vinyl in cold weather conditions

We are now entering an unfavorable season for vinyl. In cold conditions vinyl can become brittle and harder to cut, leading you to have to adjust the cutting depth. It can also make application difficult, as the initial adhesion of the vinyl will be reduced and the time taken for the adhesive to cure completely will be longer.


  1. Make sure to preheat your surface before application.
  2. When applying vinyl to a surface in cold weather always try to work indoors and raise the temperature of the surface by using a fan heater. Also, make sure the heater is constantly on whilst applying your vinyl.

When this is not possible, for example, in an exterior application in winter conditions, it is essential to make absolutely sure that the adhesive has established an excellent bond to the surface.

Post application:

  1. After applying vinyl to a surface, post-heat the vinyl to ensure the tack of the vinyl sticks to the surface. It is advised that you should wait at least 48 hours before switching on the air conditioner to prevent the vinyl from peeling off the surface.

Follow these steps over and above your normal vinyl application routine to help ensure a perfect finish!

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