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The promotional open day recently held at Sytech Supplies Durban branch had customers buzzing about the promotional products and product bundles that were at discounted rates.

As the leading company in distribution and selling of signage and graphics supplies, we recently showcased that anyone can run their own business at the comfort of their own home. We featured tutorials and interactive demonstrations to our current and new customers. Kim Bherins and Carol Mulman who work privately in their homes said they love Sytech and the discounted prices we offer on our products.

“The range of vinyl and other specific offerings I need for my business are available at one establishment, so why look elsewhere,” said Bherins.

Mulman has recommended Sytech to all her business partners and friends. She attended open day with her friends and our new customers.

“I have experienced the best customer service at Sytech, which is the main reason why I return and work with them,” added Mulman.

MegaPhase PTY, a company that does road signage, was also in the attendance. They were happy to get an invite from our sales manager, Pragashni Groger, saying that they’re happy Groger insisted they come because they would’ve missed out.

“Sytech provided great product bundle deals all at a discounted rate that we would have missed had we not come, this should continue,”

Our promotional open day proved to be a success with current and new customers showing up in numbers, interacting with our sales reps and making successful sales on a lot of our products.

A special thank you to all our customers that attended, hope to see you soon.

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