Interesting types of signage that are ridiculously underrated

There are types of signage and graphics solutions that most people speak of in daily life.

These types of signage include spectacular billboards and rare shades of a vehicle wrap. It leaves the everyday South African in awe of what sign makers can really do.

However, there are other types of signage that are often overlooked, but accomplish their goals nonetheless.

If we think about these types of signage, they’re actually quite interesting and sometimes, they are sweet and sincere displays of adoration. While not everyone gushes over them, they are pretty fascinating means of making announcements. Well, what are they?


Trolleys are all great options for companies to tag with their business’s advertisements. Putting company branding on public transport vehicles or in established locations with heavy traffic means that large groups of people, while in transit, will be exposed to who that particular business is and what services or goods they provide.

Teardrop banner flags

Teardrop banner flags are great indoor and outdoor banners for drawing attention to your business, booth, product, promotion, or sale.  These custom flags are a must for anyone participating in a convention or trade-show. For any short-term advertisements that you may require, teardrop banner flags are the way to go.

Engraved tombstones in a cemetery
Engraved tombstones in a cemetery


Burying loved ones is never easy, but a heartfelt way to remember them is to have their tombstones engraved. While it isn’t thought so, this is actually a type of signage. People may also use vinyl on tombstones to represent and remember their family member or friend’s unique personality or characteristics. By doing so, the memory of their loved ones lives on.

These three types of signage perhaps go equally unnoticed, but they have an important message to tell. Next time you’re around a shopping centre, don’t forget to acknowledge how intelligent it is that major shopping stores brand their trolleys. When it’s said and done, as you push your cart to your vehicle, you’re advertising for that particular store! It’s quite captivating, isn’t it?

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