What makes heat transfer so popular?

Ceramic mugs which have undergone sublimation printing

Fashion and branding forms part of our everyday lives. It’s in the clothes we wear and in other novelty items that we use.

A company may be looking to print its logo onto staff uniforms, or a customer may be looking to get his loved one a personalised gift – either way, there are many reasons why heat transfer is popular.

Whether you own a large company that specialises in mass textile printing, or a small business that specialises in selling personalised t-shirts, you would know that there has been a keen interest in such items, and that international market trends indicate that this will be the case for a while to come.

But what exactly makes heat transfer so popular?

Global News Wire cites a market report published by Credence Research Inc, which states that with economies showing stability, rising income for both consumers and businesses is expected to underpin the custom t-shirt printing industry.

The report also indicates that the global market for custom t-shirt printing is expected to witness considerable growth with shifting trends towards fashionable apparels.

Without a doubt, it is becoming increasingly more affordable to print onto textile than in the past.

“Flex can produce smaller quantities than screen printing at a cheaper price. It’s becoming more popular in fashion because of the aesthetic and different types of materials and colours, whereas screen printing makes use of standard colours,” says our Managing Member, Malcolm Groger.

Printing onto both textile and ceramics is also made simple with different types of printers, including sublimation printers and a range of heat press variations.

This is possible as sublimation dye is printed onto transfer paper. When the digital design is printed onto the sublimation transfer paper, it is transferred using a heat press, ultimately turning the gel ink on the paper into a gas. This ink, which is in its gaseous phase, is transferred onto the substrate itself using a heat press, mug press or plate press. You then have a semi-permanent, high resolution, full colour print.

At Sytech, we stock the Sawgrass SG 400 (A4) & SG 800 (A3), in addition to a range of consumables available for these promotional printers.

Go on and contact us; we’ll assist you in taking your business from one step to the next.

Do you want some inspiration for your next sublimation/heat transfer project? To get trendy ideas, download our FREE PDF here: https://www.sytech.co.za/2019/02/13/vinylly-diy/

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