Why billboards are worth the money!

A portrait of a woman on a billboard in downtown Los Angeles

While driving on the road, we’ve all seen an expertly designed billboard which tickles our aesthetic fancy.

National highways across South Africa are decorated with impressive billboards of varying sizes and designs to grab the attention of commuters. As a result, these billboards offer a high reach along major routes with high monthly traffic volumes.

“Billboards are an advantage because of the amount of vehicles going in that particular direction. They can reach a large amount of people in a short space of time,” confirms our external sales representative, Brian Dlamini.

This is one reason that continues to make standard billboards popular.

Despite digital signage and other types of signage being common in modern South Africa, standard billboards remain a favoured method that many companies use to advertise their goods or services.

This appeal lies in the affordability of standard billboards.

Despite the rise of electronic billboards, PVC-based billboards are not going anywhere anytime soon.

“The PVC is cheaper to print out. So comparing PVC billboards with electronic billboards, PVC is easier to apply. Once installation is completed, you don’t have to go back and forth; with electronic billboards, the LED lights have to be changed,” says Dlamini.

Similarly, another perk of billboards lies in their geographical coverage.

Billboards can be put just about anywhere, targeting multiple LSM’s without having any special preferences. That means anyone is welcome to purchase a business’s products or services! Unlike window decals on a restaurant in an upper class area, this inclusion ensures that customers can come from any and every socioeconomic background, and thus businesses that advertise on billboards can expect a wider reach.

Billboards also assist in building a company’s reputation and brand image.

If potential customers know that a company has spent a significant amount of money advertising its products, then the assumption is that those products must be worth all that splurging! This will not only rope in new customers, but it will also create brand awareness for a company in this competitive market.

Your customers may be looking for different types of media in order to make their sign differ from the rest in all its grandeur. Bright, crisp colours and durable materials are key for a billboard as these factors ultimately fulfill its purpose of catching people’s attention and lasting long despite fluctuating environmental conditions.

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