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Sign making is a skill on its own and prioritising certain software programmes over others can really affect the final product.

Less pixilation, careful detail and vibrant colours are essential for a design that clients will marvel at, and ultimately accept and be happy to pay for.

Whether you’re designing a graphic for a window decal or a partial wrap for a vehicle, it’s evident that designers in the sign making industry tend to prefer certain software programmes over others.

There is no particular order in which these programmes are often preferred, and if possible, designers are encouraged to run them alongside each other.

So, which programmes are they?

CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2018

CorelDraw is great for vector drawing, painting and layout.

“CorelDraw is a standard sign making software. Machines have been using this for a long time, and the DTP operators are familiar with the software,” says a local graphic designer, Dillon Joseph.

According to FESPA, CorelDraw started out in 1989 as relatively low cost compared to Adobe Illustrator, but was preferred because of its huge quantities of free add-ons that Corel bundled with it, which included hundreds of fonts, over 10 000 clipart graphics and surprising numbers of accessory programs.

As good of a choice as CorelDraw may be, it is only Windows compatible, so ensure that you’re keen to work with a PC in order to create major designs, before deciding if CorelDraw will suit your business needs or not.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Software
Adobe software

Adobe Illustrator is an excellent choice for vector drawings as well. It is possible to create high quality single-layer and multi-layer designs using Illustrator. In fact, some designers prefer Illustrator over CorelDraw, as it’s convenient to navigate.

“In terms of user interface, Illustrator is far easier to learn and use on a daily basis,” Joseph says.

Joseph also notes that Illustrator’s file save formats are easy to use, and prepping for print is way better than most software.

Another perk of this software is that it is set up to work in the proper printing color format, which means that what you create on your device will look the same when it’s printed.

Adobe Photoshop

On the other hand, Photoshop is perfect for layered images, and is one of the best editors of raster graphics.

According to the Adobe Blog, Photoshop is great for performing tasks like adjusting brightness, colorising, cutting an element from the background, or blending multiple images into a collage.

Another pro about Adobe’s software is that it is both Windows and Mac compatible, so if you’re a die-hard Mac person, well then, you can happily continue to be so.



EasySIGN offers a variety of signage software which covers designing, plotting, printing, routing and production. What makes this brand amazing is that there is file support for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDraw.

FESPA notes that EasySIGN Starter adds signage controls and features to designs created in the main programs.

EasySIGN Master adds more tools such as non-destructive editing, vectorisation, cloning, adjustable multiply and nesting, masking and effects copying.


SAi Flexi delivers cutting-edge business, design and production tools to help you stay competitive in challenging business conditions. This RIP software is known for supporting sign-specific design tools, print-and-cut software, and direct vinyl cutting. The software’s more expensive version includes all Flexi features such as Spot colour matching, true-shape nesting and smooth banner finishing.

There are so many types of software available for making the perfect sign. The great thing is that you don’t only have to pick one in some instances. Run them alongside each other for the ultimate design. What’s even better is that Sytech’s got you covered. With each type of software available for you to purchase, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with us today!

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