The vinyl decision

Vinyl has stood the test of time; it is strong and resistant to moisture and abrasion. This is why vinyl is one of the top choices for the marketing and advertising industry.

With new ways to use vinyl stickers, there is no limit to their versatility. For example, businesses have started to use them as a means of improving their public perception.

Here are some of our favorites.

Folgers Coffee manhole cover


With today’s fast-paced environment, you need something that can grab people’s attention and convey information quickly. This is why Folgers advertising was so brilliant. Vinyl was placed over manholes throughout Manhattan to look like steaming cups of coffee. This was to target all the  sleepy commuters who saw them.

The “smashed” Apple Store window


Apple used this vinyl graphic to promote their newest iPad. The “smashed” window was put on display to show the demand for the new iPad was so high that customers broke in to get their hands on it.  

Windex bus stop advertisement

Windex used this vinyl graphic to show off the effectiveness of their product. This simple vinyl display shows the product, what it is used for and the power of the product all in a simple advertisement.
Sytech Supplies has a vast range of vinyl choices to choose from, so make vinyl your “vinyl” decision.

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