Signage that won’t break your bank

It’s no secret how expensive putting up signage can be. From the actual printing process, the type of material used for your sign to the actual labour of putting up the sign, it can all be quite costly in the end.

But, there are better and more cost-effective sign variations that won’t leave your pockets dry at the end of it all.

Vinyl lettering and decals provide the same professional finish as traditional signage. It can be applied to storefront windows, vehicles and walls. Along with offering 24/7 hour marketing, 365 days of the year, vinyl graphics are often very attractive, enticing passerbys to stop and look at the design. Our innovative Ezee Applicator provides the fastest and easiest vinyl application for your projects.


Vinyl Banners are one of the most affordable options when it comes to signage. They can be customized to your needs and can be displayed almost anywhere. They are also very durable, light and portable. Their portability also makes them perfect for temporary signage and permanent signage indoors.


Aluminium is one of the most popular materials in the signage industry. It is very durable and versatile, also allowing you to customize it to your needs. You can get creative with the design by adding full colour graphics or choosing a sleek brushed, polished or mirror finished look.


Alubond (aluminium composite material) is another affordable signage material. It consists of a plastic core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets. Some signmakers find aluminium alone to be too thin for sign making, hence why they may opt for Alubond instead. Alubond still offers all the benefits of aluminium with the thickness being the only difference.


All these sign materials can be found at very reasonable prices and still give your business the signage it needs to stand out.

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