Aluminium Composite Material for your Signage

Signage materials aren’t always limited to vinyl film. Aluminium Composite Material (also known as ACM) is a sheet that is made of two thin layers of aluminium that is bonded on either side of a polyethylene core. The sheet comes in many different thickness sizes, suited for the needs of your application.ACM sheets are commonly used in interior and exterior signage, and also as a substitute for many steel applications ACM sheets have great dimensional stability, strength and are very lightweight and durable making them ideal to be used in construction for building cladding, insulation and wall linings.

ACM sheets can either be coated in PVDF paints or polyester. ACM sheets coated with polyester area an ideal substrate for flatbed printing, also allowing for limitless creative designs to be incorporated onto the sheet. Sheets covered in PDVF sheets are also suitable for signage, but are used in construction.A variety of different processes can also be applied onto ACM sheets such as sawing, routing, punching, bending and even hot air welding, making it easy to customise the sheets to your desires and needs.

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